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    The Great White North

    Wink Annoying Machine's Intro

    "Hey, I'm the Annoying Machine, either cause I'll kill you a lot, or I'm doing so bad that I'm annoying the commander. Im 18, From Ottawa (Canada), and I pop on the server everyday to play a round or more, depending how I'm feeling. Feel free to add me on steam if you want to do some gaming with me."

    And yes that is copied and pasted. Now for an updated one.

    So I now currently play 1 to 5 matches on the NS2 servers due to the amount of people playing on the servers. When I do get on, I am normally now in the top 4 of my team since the Reinforced update. The update to me seems to bring a lot more balance to the game, making matches last longer and making it seem any team could win(unless you freaking gorge rush). I got over 100 hours sunk into that game and continuing to get more hours.

    I also play Minecraft. Yea, big suprise there. Any time that I play Minecraft, I go onto the Minecraft server we are hosting and have fun. I'm also the head Admin on the server so any questions you got about the server, I can answer them.

    Now a big game to me is Planetside 2. That game is amazing due to the fact that you can be fighting with over 1000 people in a war for a place, and they can last a long time sometimes. I play for the NC ( 'Murica') on the Connery server and is level 47. Some reason I get no lag from me being from the East Coast playing on a West Coast Server.

    And yes, I play more than just those games, so feel free to message me if you wanna game, message me up and we'll battle.

    Minecraft ID: apdbk
    Planetside 2 ID: AnnoyingMachine
    Steam ID: Annoying Machine

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    Wheel Of Fortune!!!
    Solve the puzzle!

    _NN_Y_NG ----- M_CH_N_ ----- _S ------ R_ _ LLY ------ _NN_Y_NG ----- S_M_T_M_S
    ( There are no more constanants)

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    welcome annoying and you've gotten pretty good at lerk so i think you can be more annoying now

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    that is not the correct answer tap

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    about time you posted
    First listen, then understand, then seek to be understood.

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