Whats up Diamond, whether your a old buddy of mine amazed to see this post or someone who has joined in the last couple of months and is wondering whoever the fuck I am let me fill you in. Name on Steam is LarryTheAntelope, LarryTheLerk on NS2, and just Larry for short. I was a very early member to the Diamond community when I heard from the a buddy Arto about a new server he had became admin on and I was in love this community ever since. Back when i was active I wasn't on the forums much but i was a regular on both the NS2 server and Dayz server and loved playing with everyone who was a regular diamond goer. Due to school and just being plain busy for quite a while I've been dormant besides popping in for a week or so every few months. I'm hoping I can make sure I stay for a bit longer this time and get to meet all old pals I had and meet all the guys who joined while I was away either by my side in battle or staring down the barrel of my gun >. See you on the servers!