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  • Indestructible

    12 75.00%
  • Destructible

    4 25.00%
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    Indestructible Or Destructible?

    Cast your vote for indestructible, or destructible bases. This poll will be up for one month. At the end of the month the decision will be made. Good Luck!
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    My vote is indestructible, not as much as I want a base to protect my stuff that I play to play hoarder with. More that I have seen where people destroy an entire base for no reason than just to destroy it. Even with the IKEA missions mod they are few and far between and highly are contested, so it takes a lot of work to build even a simple base of a room and garage. Now if you make it where the walls can't be destroyed but the doors are the weak points, I would be all for it. This would allow for the base raids, while still keeping trolls at bay from wrecking an entire base basically forcing a player to start all over.

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    I have to go with indestructible, because it is 50% of the reason I stay on this server. Destructible bases leads to trolling and time wasting. I hate KOS as it is, because it wastes my time and energy, and destructible bases would leave me over the top. I would probably not play this game if destruction was introduced

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