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    Weekly Giveaway!

    Hello everyone. We are doing our very first weekly giveaway for the DayZ Server.

    Each week we will be doing something different.

    This week is best explosion screenshot!

    Post your best screenshot of an explosion in DayZ. The winner will be decided by our very own admins.

    The prize will be revealed to the winner only!

    This thread will be open until Wednesday Night (7/23/2014).

    Good Luck
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    Here are my submission for this week's contest!
    Explosions executed by EG, lid the night sky.
    Because one wasn't enough we did it twice!
    First is a Ch53 go boom, then KA60 go boom.

    Name:  EX2014-07-20_00055.jpg
Views: 123
Size:  86.3 KBName:  EX2014-07-20_00077.jpg
Views: 142
Size:  92.4 KB
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    Well here goe's my submission for this week's contest. This was done at bash early one morning, The first one is the actual grenade detonation, which is why my screen is all wonky I was a little close to the blast. then a few follow on shots. Name:  Grenade det (640x360).jpg
Views: 308
Size:  86.9 KBName:  so lovely (800x450).jpg
Views: 150
Size:  43.9 KBName:  the inferno (800x450).jpg
Views: 153
Size:  45.9 KB I dearly hope you enjoy them.

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