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    Lightbulb Ideas for New Content

    First off, great server guys, the admins care about players and the future of this community something you rarely see.

    Couple of things I think should be added:

    This is from personal experience of admining servers and playing on multiple other ones

    - buildables from gems
    There could be a ranking system with ruby/obsidian/topaz/ emerald etc allowing you to place things like radar towers or sandbag forts, saw this on another server and it made base building more dynamic than the standard wall/floors
    The chairs and tables you've added make it aesthetically pleasing inside the base but I mean functional buildables ranging anywhere from sandbag forts to deployable mg nests or spotlights (make nighttime more interesting)

    -repair at fuel stations
    This can be scripted in (auto repair/refuel/rearm)

    -weather conditions
    At the moment weather is turned on and I have nothing against it but wouldn't mind if it was off
    Some servers allow the player to adjust their own view distance to increase fps for slower machines by right clicking on rangefinders or binoculars - i think this is a nice option

    This is just a preliminary list let me know what you think Id love to hear feedback.



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    Weather has been mostly disabled on the server by request and popular vote. We were debating on adding the repair/rearm functions for stations. In the end it was decided that it would not be added, but i will open a pole and see what the majority vote is. As for the deployables, it is super easy to add things to that list. I think that i will do the deployables when the gem trader is in. I appreciate the suggestions, and will work on them when i get the chance XD
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    I Request a dildo sword in place of the machete which is really rare and can kill in one hit

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