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    XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    I picked this game up (with the expansion pack Enemy Within) over the summer sale and have fallen in love. Never really got into turn-based strategy before, and I;m quite surprised how many nail-biting moments of suspense a game like this can deliver.

    Anyone else play this game? Interested in some head-to-head matches? I haven't tried the multiplayer yet as I have no one to play it with, but it looks like a blast.

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    Yeah, Xcom is a fantastic game. I think I've sunk something like 60 hours into it. What it does well is present you with different opportunities and decisions, without arbitrarily forcing you down one particular path, or forcing you into one particular playstyle, which means it just has so much replayability for me.

    It's also been the cause of many outbursts of anger from me, the likes of which I haven't seen since my early days in gaming. Losing my sniper who's been with me from the start because I made a poor manouvering decision? Heartbreaking.

    I haven't really tried the multiplayer much, so I can't really comment on how well that aspect of the game functions, though!

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