I'm going to preface this post by saying I have never played an MMO before. They're really not my dig, and I haven't found one yet that interested me enough to take the plunge.

That said, I do really enjoy the Elder Scrolls (been an avid fan since Daggerfall - you don't even want to know how much time Morrowind sucked out of my life), and have been watching this game with interest for a little while. Still, the things I enjoy about the Elder Scolls series don't jive with the idea of an MMO: I really enjoy the aimless exploration and ability to tell my own story, as it were. Not a lot of grinding is needed in ES games, which I REALLY appreciate. I also really enjoy the skill system (level up as you use it). Not that any of these systems are perfect in any of the ES games, but every ES game since 2 has been a giant timesink for me.

I haven't seen much gameplay from ESO, as I generally like to get into games completely "fresh," as it were. So - for someone who doesn't "get" MMOs, but loves Elder Scrolls, is this game worth getting into? I'm also a little weary about the heavy reliance on communities in MMOs as I usually play at very odd hours (1AM-5AM on weekdays most of the time...) and can rarely find an active community that has a culture and attitude I'm keen on.

How many DMD folks still play this game regularly? And how forgiving is it for MMO newbies like myself?