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    NS2 Combat Standalone

    I was just curious how everyone felt about NS2 Combat going standalone: is this a good thing, is it going to divide the (already small) community, is it something else entirely?

    Personally, I don't play much combat, I really only hop in a server now and again to practice lifeforms (one of these days I will be able to stay alive as a fade longer than 15 seconds, I promise). So, naturally I'm a little weary that we're getting a new standalone game whose core audience is a subsection of an already small community. I haven't been following it closely so I'm not aware of any changes that will be made in the transition from mod>standalone, but I'm doubtful it will be enough to grab the attention of a wider audience - effectively splitting the NS2 community between vanilla and combat.

    That said, I will probably buy the game to support the devs (I love NS2, a shooter hasn't captured me like this in a long time).

    So, is NS2 Combat something you're looking forward to? Something you would rather see scrapped? Or is it off your radar entirely? And, is it something you'd like us to support here in the Diamonds community, or should we continue to focus our resources toward the vanilla game?

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    I'm not sure what they're doing with it. Just milking NS2 for all it's worth? I'm sure there will be new players, but their numbers will depend on the advertising. I prefer regular NS2 to combat. They'd have to add some serious value to it to justify purchasing a standalone version.

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    I don't play much combat but, that maybe because there aren't that many servers that do play it. From the live streams and some of the tweets faultline have made about the game I'm really looking forward to it. The Mod also isn't that well balanced, which is another reason I don't play it that much. I'd guess the standalone would be.

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    I don't think it is going to divide the community at all really. I mean there are only a handful of combat servers, which are rarely populated. The community that enjoys vanilla NS2 will continue to enjoy Vanilla NS2 and I see no real shift occuring if it becomes a standalone. To be honest I don't know who would buy it knowing that there is already that mod on NS2.

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    NS2 COMBAT is a thrilling game, although I am not playing it too much some of my friends play it regularly. If you want to purchase any game buy dissertation online provides you a chance to do so with great packages.

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    I am a paying member of Diamond Gamer servers and do not have faith that they'll be able to curb the hacker problem fast enough to allow the mod to flourish. We have the Russian user joining almost every other day ruining games. They do nothing to curb this.

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