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    New to this band of merry misfits

    Hey hey all, name's Craig. Been playing a lot on the overpoch server and really like the people there, so am quite happy to join your community. Pretty heavy gamer, love dayz, and diablo three, also play a bit of arma 3 when I get the itch. Just recently got NS2 from the man, so hopefully will be trying that out in the next couple of day's

    Little about me, I am 36, currently employed as a CNC operator, married to a incredibly beautiful tattoo addicted librarian gamer, so I pretty much get the most out of life on that end.

    oh and former 11b.

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    Welcome Craig.

    I am glad your enjoying the DMD Overpoch server.
    Looking forward to gaming with you on the NS2 server.
    Maybe you'll get your wife into it too... unless you think she'll pwn joo. lol

    Enjoy your stay!

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