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    Yo Yo its Rev0LT

    Hey All,
    Would just like to start off with a little bit about me. Im 23 years old, and in the Navy as a Navy Specialist with Crypto as well as an IT for the very very large Business servers the Navy likes to throw at me. Im into Parkour and man FPS Shooters. I've played CS 1.6 since I could ever remember. It then moved onto the Original NS and then to the first Battlefield. In Battlefield 3 I was ranked in the top 20 for Snipers.. I no longer have that title due to not playing Battlefield much anymore. I play A LOT of MMO's such as Everquest, Everquest 2, Planetside 2, Neverwinter, (I tried the Elder Scrolls online) wasn't very interested, and lots of others that it's been too dang long to actually remember them by heart.
    In Natural Selection 2, I favor the marines due to the fact im a FPS gamer, and do quite well with the assault rifle and pistol. Im a great gorge in my own opinion, but of course im not the best, but I always strive for that skill to be better. My K/D:ratio may not be the best.. ut i mainly blame that on my disinterest in the beginning when the game just arrived to the public.. and also on the fact pub servers are awful places to play.
    Basically, I'm here for competition, and to show out to others I'm a great and honest gamer, and try to make my way to the top of the list one day. Everybody tries for that greatness, and i'd like to prove it.

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    Hi Revolt,

    Welcome to the community. I appreciate your tenacity to improve as a player/gamer and it's really great knowing that you have a strong gaming foundation. You never mentioned WOW in your MMO listing. I'm sure you played that one as well, but don't be embarrassed. I played it as well last year for the first time. It was quite interesting and a change from the only other MMO I played "Anarchy Online"

    Hope you enjoy the stay and feel free to check out our newly renovated DayZ Overpoch server ( arma II mod ) - I'm sure if you like FPS w/ snipers - you'll appreciate the pwnzor rights that come with the DayZ territory.

    Remember to get VIP if your able to as it supports the community and it's growth.
    See you on the server!


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