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    Realized I never properly introduced myself. Ahoy, maties. I be a pirate. Or just some 30 year old dude who lives in Manhattan, doing the financial analyst thing, and been computer & gaming nerd his whole life. Been playing FPS since doom and loved NS1 mod on Half-Life. NS2 is even better. these days also been playing a lot of Minecraft TerraFirmaCraft (trying to get my girlfriend into the interior decorating bit haha, she hates video games though) and have an Xbox One that makes a great base for my router and cable modem. Oh yeah also Ive been playing on the DMD server for a while now as donating VIP, and just never introduced myself. So here I am! See you landlubbers on the server. I haven't been playing lately because I broke my heel and couldn't sit at a desk properly for months. Things are finally getting better though!

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    Hi Pete! Yaaaaaaaaaarg!
    So you be a pirate eh. That's cool. And a oirate playin video games. Now that's even cooler.
    Yo ho, Yo ho, a Pirates life for meeeeeee. YEEEKKIIIAAAAAEEEEHHHH (tf2)
    Been playing fps since Doom? Tis why good people of the ocean beg of the ol mercy when playing against ye Pirate. YoHo!

    MineCraft ye say. Well - We have a really nice MC server up, it's new. Too new. almost a ghost town. If you do some twitchin, it needs to be streamed baaaadly. But check it out when you have the time. ( see banners )

    Glad your heel is getting better. I remember you telling me how you broke it and it's making me be all like ( gorgesound ) BLAAAAAAAAH.
    But just glad things are improving for you. Get your Skullywag Girlfriend into NS2..

    See you on the SaraaaaaaVar!

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    How to play games with diamond gamers community.

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