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Thread: Introduction.

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    Cool Introduction.

    Hey guys,

    Most of you proballiy all ready know me from Dayz Epoch Chernarus server, but im Mountainhigh and thought lets introduce my self on the forum.
    Im 24 years old, im from the Netherlands/Amsterdam and i joined the forum a couple of weeks ago, around the same time i started playing on the dayz epoch server. (but i forgot to introduce my self)

    Im not a social media and etc kind of guy, as mather of speaking i didnt touch or look at my Facebook page for 6 months now i think. I bloody hate Facebook and stuff like that, because in my eyes it isnt social at all, but that is a disscusion for some where else.

    I love to play free roam games and have a weaknes for building stuf like bases in Epoch or just screwing around in the map editor from Arma and stuff like that.

    Also like alot to play the so called Life mods, but most of the servers arent just what im looking for (and cant run them on my lap top). One day i hope to build my own life mod, just how i like it. (just for fun, nothing to serious. lets see how far i can get first:P)

    Im waiting on so called super computer, that i could take over from a family member.
    But its taking a awfull long time, so im still playing on my pritty ok lap-top with luckaly only a bad video/audio-card.
    Sometimes i have low fps because of that in combination with my up and down internet connection.
    That will also explain why you wont see me that often and doing ai mission and etc.
    But when i finaly have that damm pc you will see me running around every where:P.

    When i play games like Arma, i like to sit back and enjoy it with some coffee(to much coffee).
    And when i drink to much coffee i gonna talk allot and fast, like now:P.
    So excuse me for the long storry and you are warned when you start a conversation with me in game, some times i just wont shut up.

    Time to close it up, i dont think that i could tell you guys any more.
    Feel free to ask me quastions or just start a random how are you and good weather conversation.
    Sorry for the bad English grammatica and spelling, but English is not my first language and have only learned it from televison and etc.

    Hope to see you guys online soon,



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    It's about damn time MountainHigh! Hope to creep around you some more and scare you to death :P

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    Holy shit, you actually posted. About time!
    Your english is ok. Hope you post more!
    So you're into editor stuff eh? Well if you want to build me something cool - I can look at adding it into the server.
    Just make sure it's not where anything currently exists. ( dont build in starry on top of where the traders are ) for example.

    I'd like to get a large castle built - in the field beside Starry. If you can build me a super - castle - if interested, that I think would be cool for a few events.

    btw, what other games do you play? Ever play Natural Selection 2? Or Minecraft?

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