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    Architects wanted!

    I am looking for two good architects to help me make our server beautiful. There's a lot of work to be done an i would like to get it done asap. So if you are interested in being apart of the team that created the minecraft server please apply.

    1. All work is given and approved by "Rusty" and "EVIL_COOL"
    2. Architects must abide by all server rules
    3. Architects can not give any items to players or help players build at anytime.
    4. Any Architects caught building anything obscene of any sort will be banned.
    5. Until a architect can be trusted creative mode will only be given when "Rusty" and/or "EVIL_COOL" are present to supervise

    [In-game name]
    [Years you have played in and minecraft]
    [photos of things you have made]
    [Why we should consider you for the job]
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    Hello I'm Buppo and I'm applying for this if it still exists. One thing I want to mention is that the large majority of my builds are hidden somewhere in my laptop, since they're old. If you don't mind, I'd like to go ahead and apply now with one build picture, and see if I can find more pictures sometime soon.

    In-Game Name: Archmage_Buppo

    I've played on DiamondGamers since somewhere around September or August 2013. All I know is that I was there before this was our website. I've been playing Minecraft for 4-5 years now.

    I'm 17 years young.

    Here is a dam I built using survival mode. I created the spring behind it and used redstone to set up a simple five minute toggle so that the dam opens and closes every 5 minutes. Everything you see in the picture was terraformed by me. It's a simple build, only spent a day on it, but it's the only picture I have readily available.

    Part of the spawn for my personal server:

    Why should you consider me? Well, all I've ever done in Minecraft is build. I don't do combat, socialize, or anything else. I was a builder on a server called Terra Novos, which was the most popular Tekkit server for a long time (this was back when Tekkit first came out.) I then became a Forum Moderator for Terra Novos, though at this point in time it was Aegis Gaming, a large gaming network consisting of around 3,000 players. I then became a Moderator and builder for their new RPG server. The server never came to the public, however. I've also been an Administrator for a Vs Hale server on Team Fortress 2. I haven't been active lately, but all the oldest members of Diamond Gamers know me.
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    So, we jigglin' err?

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    WOOT WOOT your in

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    4 years in MC
    Only have 1 picture because I have a new computer and I threw out my old one.. But this is a picture uploaded on imgur, I was making a spawn with parkour with my friend :
    I am really active 5-10 hours a day online, And I am a great builder

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