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    Name's Saddle, [KC]Saddle


    I realized that I've never made an introduction thread, mainly because I didn't think I'd stick around for long, but I figure it's time to make one. I don't have much to say - I like playing games like DayZ, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends. Connected to the teamspeak and found that those games, along with others, were on the list. And so now I've nestled into the community a bit more - just enough time to make friends and enemies. Looking forward to several more months .

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    According to the replies. It seems you made more of one than the other. LOL.

    Hey - sorry for the late reply. I've had a few swashbucklers to deal with and ( insert excuse here ) which has kept me really ( insert verb here )
    But I'd really like to see you on the MC server. Or the DayZ server. Be kinda cool to chill there too for a bit.
    You can't spend all your time running down corridors shrieking like a banshee chasing skulks with a hatchet wearing nothing but a green plaid shirt.
    But I guess if that's what your into..... ROFL

    Hey man - Really glad to see you stuck around and hoping it's long term. It's a real pleasure to game with you. ( although the shrieking really is kinda pass-e )

    Anyways, ( insert excuse to close thread here )

    See you on the server!

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    WHy are you El Pip?

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    Better than Le Pip

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