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    Server mod is out of date

    NS2 server is currently empty because of this issue (I think). Deleted my workshop folder within NS2 app data and it still won't work. Keeps saying "server mod is out of date". Can we get a fix on this?

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    Hi Brendon.

    This is an issue where a modder has updated a mod and the server needs to update itself.
    Usually the fix is on a map change as during a map change the server will update itself.
    But if the server was empty and a mod was loaded - it would cause what you are mentioning.
    I have it set to auto-cycle maps on empty when it detects a mod was updated, however it does not work in the latest NS2 build.

    It's a server side issue. Not client side.

    In the future, send me a PM ( steamid : dmdrusty ) Or fxckingarto, or ThugginLuv. Any of us can fix this issue.

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