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    Server Information (Rules, Mods, Admin List)

    * Respect the Admins . No Demands. No Trolling *
    1) No voice in side chat. Only text allowed.
    2) No building in coastal cities or along the shoreline. You may build just north of them however.
    3) No building in high loot spawns/industrial spawns. You may build in residential houses and
    barns as long as it doesn't interfere with rule 2.
    4) Only ask for admin assistance for legitimate claims. In other words if you are stuck, or if something isn't working correctly.
    5) SafeZones are SafeZones. Do not steal vehicles, salvage vehicles, or do anything that can affect other people in a negative way within a Safe zone. Spanking is encouraged.
    6)No camping SafeZones. Players killed within 500 meters of a safe zone will be reimbursed, and the killers will be punished (some scenarios are accepted).
    7) No parking vehicles in the SafeZones, vehicles left unattended will be deleted.
    8) Remember that this is Dayz. You will die, and you will lose everything at some point. Do not
    cry in side chat, or go cry to an admin.
    9) Have fun and enjoy your stay in this wonderful Overpochalypse!
    10) Oh and always remember rule 5.....mainly that last part

    Mods Installed:
    AI Missions w/ IKEA
    Extra Buildings
    Snap Build
    Self Blood
    Indestructible Bases
    Auto Refuel
    Custom Traders
    Custom Loot
    Trader SafeZones
    Spawn Selection (Graphical)

    Windle Poons
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