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    New Acting Guild Leader

    Some of you may know, but I am a big part of the Diamond Gamers. This being said, I spread my time throughout various activities that include managing servers. So it is with a heavy heart that I must promote Taylor to acting Guild Leader. This is only going to be temporary, as further down the road I will have more time.

    When we have enough people at level cap, PVE Events will start.

    Should you have any questions, add me on steam.

    Happy Adventures!

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    Hey guys I'm Taylor. Although Seventh doesn't have time at the moment I'm going to get enough veterans to clear dungeons ASAP. Everyone should be focused on recruiting players and leveling up right now. I'd like to mention that although you can do Veteran Dungeons at Vet rank 1, I've been informed this is too difficult to attempt at the moment and everyone should aim for at least rank 4 or 5 before we try to do guild runs.

    On a side note i'm excited to be the interim guild leader and hope to see everyone in-game

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