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    Exclamation NSL Match gone wrong! (PP vs Aphex)

    This right here is a great example why ones emotions/attitude should be controlled in competitive online gaming. I wasn't aware of this drama fest until last night and don't know exactly what happened but the comments in this thread should give you an idea.

    (its 4 pages long with a lot of text but pretty entertaining)

    The point of this post isn't really about what happened with the match or taking a side but rather the way certain people react to these dilemmas and how not to talk to people. Even if the Aphex team Captain DID have a valid argument, it becomes almost meaningless when you insult and attack individuals before bringing the argument to the table. You just open yourself up to the same treatment when you copy/paste steam convos to justify your point. People will obviously do the same thing with the childish insults you made through steam (see page 2 with the steam chat between Decoy and Tag Wolf) and make your argument completely void because the entire community becomes aware of the disrespect you show admins. Respect is a two lane highway people. If you put garbage in, don't expect candy and kittens to come out the other side.

    So, to the Diamond Community, please be aware of the potential consequences one faces in a small community where everyone knows everyone. That clever remark you made without thinking could eventually come back to bite you. And if you're wearing a community tag like the DMD community please remember your representing more than just yourself out there. So let's all take this as a reminder to be respectful of others in and out of the game.


    EDIT: I don't want anyone here getting involved or going on a witch hunt or anything. I don't think any of you will but I still want to ask that you only read this as a lesson. I do not know either of these teams nor the players and don't want anyone taking what's said out of context.
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    I've only played NS2 a small bit, and am still learning the game and rules, but this is fairly ridiculous. Thanks for the post Venga.

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    This is an excellent point Venga. I am sorry to see that more drama is stirring within the NSL community. This kind of attacking can hurt your reputation as a player and as a team. I can say from personal experience that there is never a reason to argue with refs and most teams are just in it for the game not to get a cheap win. I have had a confrontation with zefram and tico before who were refs for one of our first matches but in the end it resolved peacefully all misunderstandings put aside and all relationships were rebuilt with the opposing team. It is sad to see that he did not attempt to salvage this situation and will most likely lead to his team disbanding or being disqualified.

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