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    Streaming Software

    Hey guys Leprechaun here. If anyone knows some software that would allow me to stream NS2 that would be great. I plan on starting to use Twitch to stream just so I can start to hone my attitude ;P Many of you know me as that one asshole commander and I want to change that so I am going to start streaming every time I play which should be quite a lot. For those of you that are new the community you might learn a thing or two from the videos. Either things to do or maybe things not to do. Thanks guys!

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    OBS seems to work great for me... I'm running an AMD x4 955 BE with two GTX 550ti-s SLI'd and I get a decent quality stream on medium quality settings (Although the 500 series can't use the Nvidia Shadowplay, so I have to disable SLI otherwise the framerate is god awful). What kind of rig are you using? Depending on your processor, streaming can be very taxing, especially running an un-optimized game like NS2, not to mention that it's an FPS when you're on the field and the quick movements means a higher video compression makes it unwatchable. Also your internet speed will control what resolution you stream at. I capture the game running in windowed mode at 1600x900 and scale it down to 1280x720 for the stream. I've tried to capture 1920x1080 and stream at 1280x720 but the compression is disgusting and it's total ass to look at. I've been meaning to try 1920x1080 capture with 1600x900 stream, but I think it might be too taxing for my computer to handle (speaking of which I've been meaning to OC my CPU)

    OBS is free and allows you a wider range of control over X-Split, unless you pay for it. There's quite a few plugins that you can use as well for added control over the stream. It can take a little while to get used to, but it's worth it. I fiddled with the settings for a few hours doing test captures before broadcasting it to twitch. There are some step-by-step guides to get you going with OBS, but once you're familiar with it enough, you can tweak a few things here. Also, if you're going for a high production quality, have fun in photoshop or Gimp or whatever you choose to use for graphics haha.

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    I also use OBS and like it a lot.
    "fat beezy"

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    Does anyone know if there's an (affordable) hardware capture card that will let you connect your DVI/HDMI out connection to another computer? I've seen some gamer-type stuff made for that but the reviews on them are never good. Just looking for a card that can record an unprotected-HDMI stream at 1080.

    That way I could have the PC I play on set to dual display and use a HDMI cable to record it directly on to another computer. It would negate the performance impact of software based recording.

    I've read PlayClaw is pretty good for software based recording, but I haven't tried it myself -- do'h you're looking for streaming not recording.

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    OBS! Use CBR/CFR Bitrate 3500 Buffer 3500 FPS 30 and downscale to 720

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