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    Guild Bank Guidelines

    So here are a few guidelines to follow when depositing in the guild bank.

    First off, no white weapons armor or trinkets.

    Do not deposit things that no one will use, or that are easily acquired. This includes but is not limited to bait, as well as style material (Moonstone, Adamantite, etc.). Daedra Hearts and Argentum are okay to deposit as they cannot be bought from a vendor.

    Also, do not deposit consumables that do not stack. Torchbug Treacle is one example. One exception is provisioning recipes as they do not stack, but are still useful to have multiples in the guild bank.

    Do not deposit items level 25 or below (unless they are blue or better). This rule excludes low level materials!

    As a reminder, we cannot expand the guild bank as of right now, meaning we cannot increase the capacity beyond 500 slots.

    These rules are to help use the space we do have in the most efficient way possible!
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    Deposit Epic weapons/armor your not going to use! It's not worth it to disenchant or sell it.

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