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    Salutations, from the Kookiemonster!

    Hey there! My name is Charles, but you all can call me Chad (or Kookie). I'm 16 years of age, I come from Virginia, USA, and I'm a friendly, hard-working, and strong player. I'm new to Diamond Gaming, but Gaming in general is no new thing to me. I have 4 years of experience in World of Warcraft (3 years of RP experience), and I was among the first of guilds on my server to kill the Lich King. I know full and well how to understand game strategy and work as a team. I've learned about this community from the Elder Scrolls Online guild that's been newly formed, and I look forwards to playing with you all.

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    Welcome to the community!

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    Hey there! Welcome! I also hail from the great state of Virginia. Whereabouts do you live?

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