Hey guys and gals Leprechaun here. Kind of late for an introduction but I feel now is as good a time as ever. I have been playing Natural Selection from my early computer gaming days thanks to a close friend of mine. I have fallen in love with the game and have like wise with the community. Of course we all know there are dark and shady parts of the NS2 community that we would rather not bring up which is why finding a tight group dedicated gamers and admins can be vital to a good experience in NS2 and any game you get into. Which is why when I found Diamond Gamers I knew I had found the perfect catch. I have been frequenting the server since this past fall, but really became involved within the last month and a half. I have seen the good and the bad times on the server and no matter what happens there is always a host of friendly gamers or an admin to promptly fix the situation with precision and speed. All in all I love this community and I am glad to finally introduce myself. GL HF. And always remember... Get the fuck out of base!