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    Yo (kind of a Vet)

    Hello everyone,

    Gonna try and keep it brief for now with a little background and why I've decided to try out this server.

    Used to play a lot of NS on 187|Combat and G4B2S from about 2003-2009ish. Didn't play as much regular NS, however a few of us from the 187|combat server did try to put together a competitive CAL or CPL team, I forget what the league was at the time. We weren't very good and only played 3 games in one piece of a season, ended up winning one of them. It was fun, mostly a group of RL friends some of whom I still game with today.

    I'm here at DG because my good friend ThugginLuv is a regular, and now that NS2 is optimized I'm looking to get back into it pretty regularly. I have had the game since pre-alpha, but didn't contribute anything due to being in school full time the last 4-5 years. I'm looking for a community I can grow with. So far what I've seen on the forums tells me this might be a good place to start.

    Thank you,

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    Who uses rocket science in a forum name. People are never going to figure that out.

    It's about time I got you on board.

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    Pfff. Who said people needed to figure it out? I'm just sick of using the same handle after a dozen or so years!

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    Whoah.. So I did some calculations on your name and came up with this as a result.
    Unfortunately, I cannot re-type it here as I understand that it is against federal regulations to reveal the pin code of the national treasury.
    Anyways - sorry for the late reply and Welcome!

    There's a lot of NS1 vets and we're well plugged into every aspect of NS2. We're building our own maps, mods, and most importantly a strong community. I look forward to being able to continue kicking your butt at NS2.

    See you on the server!

    In closing. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Select, Start

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