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    Exactly why there needs to be a vote option for disabling concede for the current match. From like 20 up to 60 minutes into the game a 2/3 vote majority of both teams would disable it (after an hour there's probably going to be some turtling so concede should become an option again).

    I'm so tired of seeing great games end because one team starts losing and they all concede instead of waiting out the next 30-90 seconds to let the other team actually win. No honor in playing a 45 minute game and conceding to end it a minute early.

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    This is pretty much a typical thing that happens in all games. When people get good at what they do, their ego builds up... a lot. So logically, this means it's never their fault and it's always their team's fault.
    In World of Tanks, you basically have to be good at the game to get in a clan. In literally every game, you will see a clan member yelling about how much his team sucks and it's their fault that they lost.
    So, we jigglin' err?

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