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    Angry Build 253. What do you think?

    Changelog Video

    Crushak wrote : Here a rough run down of things I could find by comparing the Lua files:


    - Tutorial added to main menu.
    - Added ELO-ish player skill ranking system.
    - Server Browser can be filtered and sorted by skill level.

    - Shock waves now seem to propagate from the center over time, rather than instantly inflicting damage in the maximum radius. (Stomp, Grenade Launchers, etc.)
    - Commanders starts with 0 pres and gains no pres for 1 minute after leaving the CC/Hive.


    - new default crosshairs (mostly the same as before, but with a bright pixel-wide dot in the center now)

    - emits a sonar sound in regular intervals, making it easier for aliens to determine its location

    - slightly more accurate
    - clip size down to 6 (was 8)

    - Cluster Grenade creates multiple small explosions in an area for HP damage
    - Gas Greande damages alien armor in an area and stays for a moment
    - Pulse Grenade electrifies aliens (attack speed down to 80% for 5 seconds, energy regen down to 70%)
    - cost 10 to research, take 45 seconds
    - cost 3 pres each, gives 2 grenades, can only carry one grenade type at a time

    - damage down to 15 (was 19)
    - deals 3 energy damage
    - weighs 0.14 (was 0.12)

    - can be exited at any time now
    - can be beaconed
    - are purchased as single-armed version at Protolab for 40 res each
    - can buy their second weapon from the Protolab for another 20 res (also Dual Railgun!)
    - Dual Minigun and Railgun cost 30 res to research each
    - Dual-Miniguns overheat slower than single version (?)
    - Firing Miniguns slows Exo down to 60% of normal speed
    - Firing Railgun slows Exo down to 80% of normal speed
    - Railgun autofires after 2.2 seconds (was 3) and needs to be charged for a minimum of 1.4 seconds
    - Railgun damage down to 30 - 130 (was 50 - 150)
    - Railgun weighs 0.8 (was 0.5)

    - Armor down to 50 (was 150)
    - seems to heal armor a lot faster (?)

    Cat Packs
    - take 45 seconds to research
    - cost 3 to drop
    - increase move speed by 25%
    - increase weapon (reload?) speed by 50%
    - last 12 seconds


    - Carapace reduces regeneration capabilities by 10% per level
    - chambers move faster now (1.5, was 0.5)
    - being on fire no longer reduces energy regeneration (was down to 60%)
    - Alien Vision got replaced by Dark Vision and Hive Sight. All important things are outlined by default now and the Dark Vision is only supposed to be used in dark rooms (it actually blinds you if you look at bright lights with it, like a nightvision device)
    - lifeforms don't profit from Biomass until their respective tech path has been researched

    Nutrient Mist
    - has a sound effect now when being cast

    - Contamination ability added to khammander (Biomass 9)
    - temporarily creates a patch of infestation anywhere on the map
    - 5 res per use, 5 seconds cooldown
    - infestation is spread from a structure with 1000 HP that is spawned in

    Lifeform Eggs
    - Gorge & Lerk Egg requires Biomass 2
    - Fade & Onos Egg requires Biomass 9
    - Gorge Egg costs 15 now (was 10)
    - Lerk Egg costs 30 now (was 40)
    - all eggs take 45 seconds to gestate now (was different for each egg, maximum was 30 seconds on Onos egg)

    - supply cost up to 10 (was 5)
    - cost 8 res, can be hatched anywhere on the map, take 7 seconds to hatch
    - Drifter clouds of the same type don't stack anymore (the old cloud is instantly removed when a new is spawned)
    - Hallucination no longer creates hallucinations of dead aliens
    - Mucous Membrane stays only 2.5 seconds now (was 10). Regenerates half of a unit's maximum armor, clamped to a minimum of now 3 (was 1) and a maximum of 40
    - Storm cloud lifetime down to 3 seconds (was 6)

    - fixed bug causing the closest cyst to be used as anchor, even if it was unconnected.

    - can research Gorge Tunnels (1)
    - can research "Gorge Evolutions" to gain access to Babbler (1), Bile Bomb (3) and Web (5) research

    - can research "Lerk Evolutions" to gain access to Umbra (4) and Spore (6) research
    - supply cost down to 5 (was 10)

    - can research "Fade Evolutions" to gain access to Shadow Step (2), Vortex (5) and Stab (8) research
    - Ink cooldown increased to 16 seconds (was 12.8)
    - supply cost down to 5 (was 10)

    - can research "Onos Evolutions" to gain access to Charge (2), Bone Shield (5) and Stomp (9) research
    - supply cost down to 5 (was 15)

    - can research "Skulk Evolutions" to gain access to Leap (4) and Xenocide (7) research
    - Leap research time up to 40 seconds (was 30)
    - Bombard damage down to 400 (was 600)
    - build time up to 20 (was 15)
    - supply cost down to 5 (was 10)

    - gains less HP per Biomass (3 now, was 4)
    - Parasite lasts 44 seconds (was 24)
    - is now faintly gnarling in regular intervals when idle, which can be heard by marines

    - costs 8 pres now
    - added ability to drop Webs between two surfaces, which hold marines in place for a moment. Webs (50 HP) can't be destroyed by bullets, but by flames and grenades
    - Babblers need to be researched now (Biomass 1)
    - Babbler health down to 10 HP, 0 Armor (was 30 HP, 5 Armor)

    - Bite range increased to 1.5 (was 1.4)
    - Umbra now protects against Railgun shots (damage down to 68%)

    - Blink adds more force (1.0 instead of 0.5) upon use.
    - Blink start energy cost increased to 14 (was 13)
    - Celerity has less impact when using Blink
    - Vortex seems to act like a portal to base now. ("Ethereal Gate", Biomass 5)
    - Stab added as researchable ability. (Biomass 8)
    - Stab deals 160 normal damage and costs 30 energy to use
    - Swipe damage down to 37.5 (was 50)
    - Swipe energy cost up to 8 (was 7)
    - gains less HP per Biomass (5 now, was 10)
    - Carapace gives 120 Armor now (was 100)

    - Charge needs to be researched now (Biomass 2)
    - fixed bug allowing to use BoneShield right after Stomp or Gore
    - Stomp emits a shock wave to the front now, rather than a radius ground shake
    - Stomp deals 40 structural damage (double damage against structures) now
    - gains less HP per Biomass (25 now, was 50)
    - Carapace gives 650 Armor now (was 560)

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    It's interesting. I like playing around with all the new features, but not sure if it's very balanced though. One annoyance is the beaconing of exos. I liked the trade-off before of beaconing and leaving your exos undefended. I guess it reduces the effectiveness of gorge rushes? Have to get used to everything!

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    Still want my grenade launcher from 252...

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    I wan 251 back! (except for the op Bile Bomb) I mean performance wise its a little better (expect for one particular problem I keep having) but I think the facepalm of the new build is the jetpacks and the beaconing of exos.

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    Build 255 br0s, check it out.

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    I still haven't decided if I like or dislike the new jetpacks. Either way they still do the job they did before so, meh. As for beaconing of exos, I would agree it took away from strategy and allows marines to be less aware of their exos. Before, the ratio of marines to exos was super important. Too many exos and you wouldn't be able to defend all your tech points properly. This was a difficult concept for players to grasp when exos would get researched. Marines could be dominating and all of a sudden exos go up and everyones thought process went out the window which would result in a total turn around with aliens coming back to win. This was my biggest fear when playing a winning marine game so I guess i'm a little relieved that I can quit worrying about it with this new patch.

    I do like the 'contamination' ability at biomass level 9. Before, games would get dragged out with a marine turtle and no way to break it. The game needed a turtle breaker and I couldn't be happier with this simple yet effective method of contamination + whips. Marines have to focus all their attention to it which allows the aliens to make a good rush to win the game. Giving that power to the Khamm was a big win in my book. Late game Khamm was pretty dull but now they have a very important role during the final base rush if the lifeforms can't get it done themselves.

    And last but not least, the Onos. Probably my favorite change was putting the Onos back on top of the food chain. The stomp buff and bonewall ability gave the Onos purpose again. Before this patch, the Fade was the most feared lifeform on the field and that didn't sit well with me. So i'm very glad to see the Onos back in the game as a serious threat.

    That said, I give this patch a 9/10

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    Overall I'm pretty ho-hum about the new update. I have pretty mixed emotions about the becconing of exo's, I go back and forth on it every game for the reasons Venga listed. I do however love the new onos. Once again, he's that big BAMF you don't want to mess with, lol.

    The only thing I have a problem with is the decreased performance. With all of the earlier builds I never had any lag or fps drops, and now I do more frequently then I care to admit. It really sucks that an "update" has to hinder performance so much, but what can ya do.

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    This patch was huge! It's been great to have some new toys to play with, but I don't agree with all of the balance changes. They've changed things in a way that games are much longer. That's not a bad thing when the teams are even but some games just aren't going anywhere and need to end sooner rather than later.

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