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    NS2 Combat Servage!

    Come and get it!

    It's new and has its issues - but it's running on a 1230 V2 processor @ 4.2 Ghz - 32 GB ECC DDR3 RAM - 2x 256 SSD's in RAID 1.



    Rusty & Lusty (lol)
    I am the SysAdmin for DiamondGamers, if you find a server that is not updated or is having problems, please send me a PM and let me know right away so we can get it taken care of.

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    Rusty's Attic
    Woot! Time to play some combat, my second favorite NS game mode.

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    So did you fill the position of Rusty's queen? I can only imagine it was an arranged marriage.
    "fat beezy"

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