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Thread: Rookie Program

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    Rookie Program

    Helllllllllllooooo people! I made a post on our steam group page a day ago from now and realized that some of our newer members are not added on to our steam group (GO ADD THEM). I just wanted to talk about the new program we have for our newer players on Natural Selection 2.

    If you have less than 100 hours in the game you will be given a star badge recognizing that you are new. This will let our veteran members know "Hey this guys new so I should point him in the right way" because most (if not all) of our members are REALLY helpful cause hey, we all know that our beloved game has an insanely steep learning curve.

    You if having been added to the program and would like to have the star badge just send me a message saying you would like to be added WITH your NS2 id. Can't find your id? Then I shall inquire, all you gotta do is open up NS2 then bring up your console menu(tilde button......the one next to 1) and your id will be the lowest

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    you can message me on the forums or ya can send me a message on steam

    Well.....that's all I got see ya'll guys in the server!!!
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    great idea garto! i dig it!
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    I think this is a great idea too. Four hours really isn't enough, at all - I'd say 10 minimum before you've seen enough strategies to see how things generally play out. This will really help to find the newer players that are serious about NS2 (or they wouldn't have taken the 5 minutes it takes to sign up and find their NS2 ID). One-hundred hours seems like a good spot to distinguish new vs old for the server since we have a lot of skilled Diamond players.

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