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    Hello fellow Diamond Gamers,

    I think most of you have played with me before so it's about time I did this! I consider myself a hardcore gamer but not in the competitive sense, but more as someone who is a true fan of the art of games. I really like all aspects of gaming from the play itself to the design that went into it and try to look at all games objectively since someone spent a good deal of time making it and they should get recognition for at least that. Some games are just amazing though. I can't say it was the best Zelda game since there have been so many but my favorite game of all time has to be The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past. I have so many nostalgic memories of it. I booted up a ROM one time and made it back to where I got stuck younger in about 30 minutes - so I have a lot of good memories and I never even made it up the mountain in the light world. I'm actually pretty terrible at games in fact but I still love them!

    My two current favorite games are NS2 and Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm.

    I love NS2 because unlike 99% of FPS games out there the teams aren't identical - and it works well enough to stand on it's own. I played a little NS back in the day but never got too into it because, well, like I said I'm not very good at games and NS is definitely skill based. Anyone who's played with me and has seen my k:d knows that I won't carry the team, so no worries of stacking! I'm actually not too sure why my scores are terrible (it isn't uncommon for a first-time rookie to get more kills than me) so I'm trying to get to the bottom of it because anyone who's played any game for a year shouldn't be that low. Biggest pro-tip I received was to lower my mouse DPI down to what would seem nearly unplayable and that has helped a great deal. I'm still so used to dying that I think I still end up running in for a quick peek expecting to die when I could have been more cautious and made it out with my new improved mouse skills. So I'm trying to improve on the kamikaze recon runs and I had to drop my resolution by one setting (I used to run max settings at max 16:10 res) because I wasn't sure if my FPS were solid enough - let me tell you NS2 is beautiful on full detail! Because NS2 is so fun but I'm a lousy shot I just like to work more tactically because NS is definitely a team game all the way (in terms of design) and hope to get better with aiming and some more experience as a Comm.

    My other current favorite game (franchise) is Red Orchestra. It started out as a mod, like NS, off of Unreal Tournament (2004 I believe). There was a $100,000 mod contest and engine licensing with it and Tripwire Interactive won and were able to release RO commercially. With that they were able to build RO2 and having been in the mod community saw Killing Floor and had that team get on board. I like RO because it's not your standard military FPS, it's much more like Arma but not as technical. Things get a lot more nerve wracking when all you've got is a bolt-action rifle!

    There's also some other games I'm quite fond of. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault was epic with it's D-Day segment and then CoD came out and blew it away (something bad started happening around 4 though...). Red Orchestra eclipsed the MoH/CoD wow factor with its artillery barrages - I had not been impressed so much by a game since MoH:AA until artillery started raining down. The artillery in RO2 is still awesome as well and the naval barrages in Rising Storm (a RO2 Pacific theatre mod that Tripwire picked up and also published) are no joke! I'm not really an RTS fan but I bought Shogun: Total War as soon as it came out just because I saw a photo of the beautiful green fields in a PC Gamer and just had to get it. I also bought Shogun 2 on release because I'm a fan of that title in the series but haven't really played much.

    I have an Associate's in business (working toward B.S.) and hope to be able to use it in the industry some day. Ultimately I would like to get into a position such as developer-publisher liaison or even team lead! More or less not the technical development of the game but making sure things stay on track.

    I'm happy I found Diamond Gamers and have a lot of fun on the server and can't wait to try out some of the other Diamond servers. We've got a real good thing going guys!

    HD 7970
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    hell of an intro man!, lucky to have you! and welcome!
    First listen, then understand, then seek to be understood.

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    That's a long one! glad to have ya with us

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