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    Who's got Battlefield 4

    Hi guys,

    Well I picked up Battlefield 4. It's a good game, and although I'm not crazy about these styles of games, I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with it.

    What's your take on it?

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    Battlefield 4 on the X-box 360.

    First 5 matches I was top of the scoreboard as a level 5-, so I'm obviously good at the game.

    Its a good game, I like the leaning capability, the new gadgets, etc.

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    ready for dat bf4 serv doe!
    First listen, then understand, then seek to be understood.

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    I just got it for the pc a few days ago as well. Super fun so far! Yes, I used the word super.

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    i have crack version. Can i play online? or i buy original game?

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