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Thread: Et tu, brute?

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    Et tu, brute?

    "Sic semper tyrannis!" And all that jazz.

    Diamond was my first stomping grounds when I started playing NS2, and now, after over 900 hours playing the game, I've come full circle to return the favour by trying my had at improving the community which started me on this journey of fun and friends.

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    Don't remind me of grade 10 english. I had to learn and memorize and recite five books by Julius Caesar from memory.

    I failed.

    I think my final mark was a " 4 " which is funny.
    Now grade 12 Advanced english writing - I was 98th percentile. my average was 98%.

    So this makes me think that my grade 10 teacher really didn't like me that much. Probably because he was Jewish and caught me drawing swastikas in his class. I pleaded to him that it was part of my history project (which it was) however to no avail; he hated me from that day forth. Each report card getting lower and lower to the point I was fearful my report card would show in the negatives.

    But I am just glad that there was no "strap" anymore in schools back then as I sure would have received it across the backside.

    So Brutus - Thanks for being who you are. You've been and are an asset to the community. The only thing I really don't like is that when you logout of the command station; there is this really foul odour at times. So please remember to be flatulent before you jump in the chair... Thanks!.

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    love to see you again brute brute :-)
    First listen, then understand, then seek to be understood.

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    All hail the tactical genius of the Diamonds!!

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