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    Diamond Tournament (rookie)

    Diamond Tournament (rookie)

    No of Teams:
    Type: Double Round Robin


    Diamond Tournament - Rookie Edition

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    Diamond Tournament Details :

    I am assembling 8 Captain's
    Each of the lucky 8 get to start a team of 6 rookies only. ( 7 including the captain )
    ** only rookies can be invited. We get over 7,000 new users connecting to Diamonds every month **

    Each Captain handles scheduling of practices and match times via Forum software.
    Each team plays each other twice. This is called a dual round robin. Captain does NOT play, but spectates to offer feedback.
    Winning Team gets VIP for a month, as well as other prizes

    Once the team is good to go on their own - they go up a ladder. That captain then forms a new team - thus re-enforcing the Diamond Community with competitive play on an ongoing basis. The better the teams get - the higher they rank - until they make "pro" status

    If you are a Rookie and would like to get better at the game, and join the tournament, I hear by invite you to the first of many Rookie Diamond Tournaments.

    How to enter :

    Step 1 : Login to
    Step 2: Post your introduction on the forums.
    Step 3 : Open your steam profile - right click and copy the URL. Paste it into your introduction so we can find you.
    Step 4 : Click Competitions at the top of the Diamond Gamers forum.
    Step 5 : Click Free agents on the left and sign up to be a free agent.
    Step 6 : Check back and see what team you're on. Feel free to PM any of the captain's listed below if you wish to play on their team.


    Some Guy

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    team h3adak3 will take the gold!
    First listen, then understand, then seek to be understood.

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    Bah! You're shit ain't bananas.

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    Out of the way, peasants!

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