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    Kicked Quickly For Being in Ready Room (unfriendly admins)

    I was in server when it only had 2 people and it filled quickly, we had a noob marine commander who didn't know what he was doing and had no mic so I spectated. I was told not to spectate when the server was full, so I said ok, I Will go to ready room. I was promptly kicked.

    First, I listened to the admin and didn't spectate the second he told me.

    Second, I was kicked for being in ready room when I didn't know being in ready room is not allowed.

    Third, I watched the funny video on the NS2 Diamond Server Rules and it no where says that you can't spectate when server is full, and even if it did, I stopped spectating the second I was told.

    Fourth, if you want people to join you, which I was considering, kicking people so quickly and without warning is not the way to go. Had the admin said, don't spectate and don't go to ready room, then I would have went back in game, but he didn't say don't go to ready room, he merely said don't spectate and then just kicked me.

    If you guys want to have a growing base, you have to have your admins be nicer.

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    Administrator Rusty's Avatar

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    If you could please contact me on steam and let me know who the Admin was, I'll look into it.
    Normally kicking without cause is not something we practice. I do appreciate the thread.
    There is an AFK - kicker that is installed and running but it sounds like you were kicked deliberately.

    Let me know who the Admin was, or if you are the admin reading this thread, kindly get in touch so we can talk about it.


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    I'd like to apologize and say sorry for hastely making the decision to kick, as soon as i joined the server i saw the chat saying that you had given up and was just sitting in spec (noob call on my part) again im sorry and hope this doesnt put a damper on your experience again I am sorry

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    No problem and thanks for the apology.

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    All of a sudden, he has been kicked to the ready room for the amines. All the passages of the admin room and boom essays is started for the fitness for the bloggers. This chance is done for the volume of the connotations for all rooms for the admins in the urge of practice and abilities for the citizens.

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