India is said to be the only country which produces the highest number of engineers in the world and the reason for this is that the profession is highly lucrative, profitable and thus in-demand among the students. This read will help you know the future of engineering and will help you delve into the reason for the increasing number of engineering colleges in Uttarakhand. Hence will answer the questions like where this course is heading in the coming years and where is it currently? Has it reached a saturation level, or is there scope for more? Delve into the piece to get the answer to all these questions.

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Employment Requirements
With the expanding demand for new technology, products, and materials, the need for the engineering degree will always be expanding. Your engineering degree could be the starting point for an exciting and relevant career and this fact is never going to change the environment, society, and the world as a whole is advancing at a breakneck pace, and so is the demand for engineers all around the world.

Engineering being slandered as much as possible for not providing enough employment opportunities, but the fact is that the stream incorporates the most considerable amount of work professionals and is still providing opportunities for many more. Thus, if you possess good skills and have adequate knowledge and credibility in the field, then the field is filled with opportunities for you!

Employment Providers
The prominent employers of the engineering field incorporate the Indian Railways, Indian Army, Indian Post, and then comes the various corporates and MNC's. While the multiple organizations require engineers and that too from varied disciplines still shockingly the top ten employers in India are all the software giants who hire only engineers if roughly said then at least the 92% of the fresh engineering graduates. The giants include companies like- TCS, Wipro, Infosys, IBM. These software companies hire engineers from all disciplines and encourage them to learn necessary software coding, development, implementation, and maintenance of the same. With the progression of technology, India is also getting involved in more modern technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, semiconductors, etc. Other than that, there ate more traditional organizations such as SAIL, NTPC, GAIL, ONGC, etc. in the manufacturing, oil and gas, petrochemicals, energy industry that need engineers from, chemical, civil mechanical, and electrical fields.

Engineering College and the Regulations
The engineering degree is the most popular degree program in the higher secondary, and that can be retraced from the fact that there are more than 4600+ engineering colleges in India and the estimate is proceeding up every day. There are an incredible number of engineering college in Dehradun itself which is known as the school capital of India. These colleges are the first step towards building a successful and fruitful career in the field of engineering and now with the growing governance and increasing facilitation of the colleges the quality of education provided through them is also enhanced. The colleges approved or affiliated from the good and reputed bodies offer students with a world-class education and excellent placement opportunities. If one wants to enter into the field with the requisite skillset and appropriate knowledge in the domain, then an engineering degree from a good engineering college is the must.

Parental Pressure and Engineering
In India, fortunately, or unfortunately, parents play a vital role in deciding the student's future. And since eternity engineering has been the parent's most famous career streams adjoining doctor, lawyer, etc. Now, thankfully parents have been aware that there are various other equally lucrative, and secure job options as engineering. Thus their focus has slightly sifted, but still, engineering remains the most prominent one.

Now, the students have also realized the importance and the benefits of the engineering domain, and thus now the number of students "wanting" to pursue an Engineering degree has significantly gone up.

Newer Fields
Although the charm of the evergreen engineering branches are never going to reduce still the field is evolving at a breakneck pace and every now, and then new fields get introduced in the domain, and now these fields have taken the forefront. These more recent domains include Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Chemical Engineering, etc.

These are the disciplines where most jobs are created now as more and more businesses invest in these fields. The more high-level specializations which are expected and have started to bubble in the engineering curriculum these include Artificial intelligence, Robotics and Automation, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Internet of Things, Nano Science, etc. these engineering streams are the up-coming future generation of the engineering discipline.

Nobody has been equipped to foretell the course of science and technology. It is variable and marches on unique territories. But, what everyone knows is that it is the key to the future and only the best minds can use it efficiently and can further put the knowledge of such technologies to use. This positive side for the gen-next engineers in India and this proves that the saturation level has not reached and is unquestionably not plausibly to accomplish in the coming years.