Software Engineering is one of the most popular and lucrative career options among 12th graduates. Students opt for Computer Science Engineering or Engineering in Infomation Technology to enter the tech industry and attain the position of the Software engineer in the top firms. But, what students do not know is that a software engineer is a broad term that incorporates various career paths. There is various good engineering college in Dehradun which offer students with different engineering courses like B.Tech - CSE, and B.Tech - IT, etc. to help them take the first step towards establishing their career in the tech domain. This read will help all those aspirants explore multiple career paths around software development.
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Various career paths in software engineering

Web Frontend Engineer

You can pick up HTML, CSS, JS, and then proceed towards the front end framework to start off building the front end applications. The front end doesn't require you to learn much about the Computer Science theoretical topics, and you can do reasonably well even without investing your time into Data Structures and Algorithms.

This is also an exact role to get into if you have no prior programming experience and want to enter the tech industry.

Web Backend Engineer

Large numbers of students learn Java, C, Python in their school level which makes them equipped for backend web engineer work which is anything but difficult to get also, as there are plenty of organizations continually searching for somebody to chip away at their backend as they are beginning/becoming their backend.

This is an extraordinary role to begin your vocation in as you will get the opportunity to find out about the new backend innovations, APIs, Databases, Security, Networking conventions, System Design, Scalability, Cost Efficiency, Cloud Services, and so forth which is actually an incredible venturing stone to push ahead in your profession.

Subsequently, put time into more involved learning backend innovations like Java, C#, NodeJS, Python alongside building web backend small undertakings which will be an incredible thing to put on your resume as opposed to merely some random confirmations.

Full Stack Web Engineer

This job includes both of the above jobs and is excellent for software engineers with an entrepreneur mentality where they can set up the entire undertaking all on their own.

It's an admirable goal to have for many existing developers, and there are a lot of startups looking for full-stack developers as they might have restricted resources.

Excellent for individuals who as of now, have involvement with either front end or backend and are learning the partners to turn into a full-stack engineer.

Mobile Engineer

The amount of mobile consumption is increasing, and so is the number of mobile engineers in the industry. This is also an ideal entry point if you want to enter the tech industry. This domain consists of two major platforms, namely Android and iOS.

To get commenced with Android, you need to learn Java/Kotlin. For iOS, it's Objective-C/Swift as you can see a remarkable career. Further, you can work on cross-platform app development through working on the frameworks out there like Flutter and React Native, which helps developers build both Android and iOS apps.

This is also an excellent field for people who are entrepreneurial as you can develop apps as per your ideas using backend services like Firebase and AWS.

Game/Graphics Development

Games/Graphic Development is a great field. Still, the industry might not be as fulfilling and rewarding as because of high competition, and this is the reason because of which a lot of Silicon Valley companies are not into this industry hence only if you are really passionate about this field, you can do very well, else you should explore other domains of software engineering.

Some of the most popular and fundamental language to get into gaming is C++ and knowledge about Game physics, Game Engines, Shaders, GPUs, etc.

Data Engineer

Data is more precious than oil today. Starting from the Uber, you use to come office to the bank account, which monthly holds your salary, everything is generating and accumulating data. And, this is one of the big reasons why all the companies are advancing their skills and resources into collecting data from their applications as it supports them in making better business decisions.

All the huge measures of information that are being logged by their applications probably won't be decisively in the structure where the business specialists can draw experiences from.

This is the place where data engineering comes in and enables the organization to clean the information, measure it, and draw essential bits of knowledge out of it. Data Engineers compose robotized contents in Python (prominently), SQL inquiries to do it.

When you have a decent understanding and involvement with Data designing, it will make much more sense for you to learn machine learning.