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    Some Guy's intro

    Hey there, this is Some Guy - you've probably seen me around the server recently.

    Just wanted to introduce myself to the community - I've been gaming almost 2 decades now, but only really got into first person shooters around the time Left 4 Dead came out. I also played quite a bit of the battlefield series over the years...Right now Natural Selection 2 is the only game I'm playing on a regular basis, the teamwork is fantastic when it's right and I love the mechanics. I'm trying to start comming more as I was a big starcraft 1 player (never really got into 2).

    See you guys on the battlefield!

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    Hey some guy , its a pleasure playing with you and your awesome gorge skills, Welcome to diamond and maybe you can be a dmd member sometime soon also? haha welcome to the forums gorge it up!

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    Welcome to the forums, I swear I've seen you a lot on the server. SC2 is pretty meh compared to the first one, good job Vivendi.
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