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    y4n's intro

    Hi All, I'm y4n, I've seen most of you around on the server or in other pub games. I picked up NS2 last winter and have had tons of fun with it so far -- I've especially enjoyed the fairly coordinated (and not always stacked!) games that occur on the Diamond server. I'm usually pretty quiet in game 'cause I'm either talking to other people on mumble/hangouts or busy stuffing my face with dinner, but I do have a mic and I'll chime in occasionally. I'll disappear for weeks at a time as travel and work require, but if the past year is anything to go by I'll see you guys online quite often. Anyways, see you on the server!

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    welcome aboard! cant wait to play wif ya! :d
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    Another person with numbers in their name. h3adak3 must be pleased
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