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    Aug 2013

    Server Moderator ( Level 1 Admin )

    We are currently looking for TWO Moderators for late night duty

    Duties include ensuring the server runs smooth whilst promoting Diamond Gamers, the forums, and managing users to ensure a good time on the servers during the late night hours.
    Access level will be Admin level 1.
    Kick, Gag, and Csay will be granted.
    Moderator Badge will be awarded.
    If interested, please reply to this thread. Successful candidates will be contacted via private message in the forums.
    Please - no off topic posts.

    You must have at least 400 hours of game-time and must be familiar with the NS2 Diamonds Server rules.

    Good luck !


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    Sep 2013
    I would like to apply to the position. I have about 1500 hrs(or some where in that area) and have been a regular on the servers since establishment. I am on every weeknight from 10pm pst till 2-3am plus some weekends. Im fair, kind, and competative with players no matter what there experience is. Thanks for consideration.

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    I would like to apply for this poistion. I have about 471 hours at the time im writing this in-game. I have been an admin for several games in the past. I used to be a competative cal league player in counter-strike and moderator the clan Noir servers then for about 3 years. Afterwards I became a memeber of the EVGA bandtis and moderated all TF2, BF 2142, and L4D servers for about a year. My policy on kicking has always been on a last resort basis. Usually I only kick people who have been AFK on a team for more than 3 minutes. Case by case usually though. Im on nearly every week night PST 10 pm until 4 - 5 AM. Thanks for your consideration.


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    Sep 2013
    I'd like to apply for this position as well. Just passed 400 hours this weekend (403-404 right now I think lol). I know the ins-outs of the game, and am always on right after work at 5:30-6:00pm cst. Number one thing is for everyone to have fun, competition/competitiveness always comes second. I always strive for both, but in that order. I understand we are a social group and not a clan/competitive group, and people do make mistakes. I like to follow a 3 strike rule, warn twice (maybe gag the second time if its racism/etc) and kick on the 3rd. I'm always helpful when I play and enjoy teaching the new ones how to play this great game.

    I think I'd make a great addition to the moderating staff here at DMD, thanks for presenting this oppertunity Rusty!

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    York, United Kingdom
    I might as well apply for both positions! I'm experienced in NS2 and have been a regular on the server for a while now. I'll be getting sorted with my mic by Monday the latest. I like to be fair and am always willing to listen. Plus, it seems that at a certain time, around the time of posting this, and a few hours before and after, that the only regulars on the server are Boon and I. The server's pretty full, so we would be able to take charge. There's no one on at that time to handle any problems people might have. As I've said too many times, I live in England now so I'm on at a different time to you guys, and it would be good to have someone on at those times.

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    I'd like to sign up, I have 600 or so hours, and I was one of the first ones in the group for the server. I'm something like rank 5 overall on the server, and I only go to school in the mornings, so I have a decent amount of freetime in the afternoon/night. I know a lot of the players on the server because of how frequently I play. Also because of how frequently I play, I know the server rules. I already try to enforce them, but it would be easier with admin. I see a lot of good candidates signing up, so no hate if I'm not picked .

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    my votes are on Boon and Terran! if it means anything

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    Does this mean that whoever becomes admin gets a reserved slot?
    Fades never die, they just respawn once the 40 res requirement is met

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    I'm here for potential candidacy, you all know me.

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