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    Hi, i have played with very many of you and have decided to make a forum account. Where do I go to sign up for DMD?

    A little about myself:
    Comp Sci student out here in LA. 24, likes to play video games, board games, drink whiskey (mostly scotch), and watch TV shows. (game of thrones and crap)

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    Aug 2013
    You just did sign up! Just join the steam group if you haven't already and you can tag up with DMD.

    Welcome to the forums and have fun!

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    Board games, fk ya! Whays ur fav? Right now mines pandemic and star trek catan =)

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    I love the board games - Battlestar Gallactica - and Munchkins.
    Oh and off topic - Monopoly is back at Mcdonalds! haha WOOHOO

    Time to get FAT!

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    Let's see... 7 wonders is my favorite by far. Panic on wall street, Cards against humanity, and Settlers of Catan.

    Ive also played Outbreak, munchkins, Android Net Runner, Resistance, San Juan and Ticket to Ride.

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