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    Post NS2 Diamonds Ambassador

    Currently at the moment, we have 190 members in the steamgroup, with just under half registered on the forums.
    This shows how tight of a community we are. It's also showing that we are a stable and committed community.

    Unfortunately, in order to have more events, start offering prizes, and get some inhouse recreational competitive tournaments going - we need more players.

    So here's the job.

    Title : Diamonds Ambassador
    Requirements : You must have at least 200 hours of NS2 Gametime in order to apply for this position.

    Job Details : Invite 25 people minimum per week into the forums, and help them get situated.
    Rewards : Custom "Ambassador Badge" on server. " One of a kind" Very rare and unusual item !!

    As the NS2 Diamonds Ambassador, you will be responsible for recruiting, promoting, and expanding the DiamondGamers brand in relation to Natural Selection 2. This is an uber job and a very prominent position within the community.

    I wish all applicants the best of luck! Let me know why you would be suited for the job below.

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    I would like to apply for the job. I have over 500 hours racked up on NS2, and once I finally get my mic set up (it broke again) and I'm not in a house with lots of people (which will be next week), I'll be talking regularly on the servers. I'm pretty well known around the servers and have been playing on them for a while now. I always try to be nice to everyone and help them out (except for TAP). As you can see I also have a sense of humour, which is relevant because I said so, hyuk hyuk. I'll work hard at the job, and I have the edge of being online at different times to you guys in North America, because of the time difference. So while that happens I can go round and appeal to people on NS2 who live in the UK or Europe for example. Most people on here are from North America so I'd like to open it up a bit more to the rest of the world. Thanks!

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    I vote demon. All the points i was gonna make, demon has already made, that shows how perfect he is for the job. But he needs to get s mic so i can hear his sexy voice everday lol

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    I would like to apply for the position! I have over 1000+ hours of ns2 and I have a ton of experience of reeling in people too websites , I will definitely put my full effort into as I play this game quite a bit even with a job and school now. But I can definitely make it work let me know rusty thanks!

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    I would love to apply, i have 300 hours as of right now. And i practically do all of this anyway! Would love to help expand to different games, and i have a lot of experience with some other groups as this character. Was the recruiter for 3 other communities who had at least a 50+ player base. If i dont get the position, i ask if we could have a co-ambassador because as lead recruiter for the other groups i found my self to be easily overwhelmed. Thanks!
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    i thought this was my job...

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