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    Fiction,blackee,rusty,skulk,boon,zorro,arto GET JOBS

    I know yall are broke and all but seriously? get jobs i can hire yall for 8.50 an hour too be my person slaves if interested. I also have insurance for medical may throw some extra cash on da side if you need some food no worries. SERIOUSLY GET OFF ns2 AND START MAKIN BANK AT TAPS SLAVE CO. FOUNDED BY TAP HIMSELF FK U ALL

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    I thought they were just gonna charge you to let you kill them...

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    Yeah guys seriously take up taps offer, its really great. i enjoy it so much i do it for FREE with overtime. fuck dat 8.50 who needs it? when my friends are complainin about not being able to eat i just show them a pic of tap and they STFU. they are in awe of his beauty. tap is The Master. by the way if you want any extra cash from him heres a two-word tip: sucky sucky

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    Your stock going down bruh but I can fix that for you if you hire me for 8.51/h

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    tap has 3k hours in ns2, unpaid. he uses his student loan money to paypal me for ns2 lessions.

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    yh gt jbs u fkin fgts

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    I got some insider video of Tap's slave company.

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