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    Captain's Night!

    After quite a hiatus... we're back! I'll be running Captain's Nights semi-regularly over the next few months as I settle into a new work schedule. This is our second night - my goal is to run 2 each week. Keep an eye on the forums and calendar as I'll always post here first. We'll be on the Dallas 2 server.

    Some Guy is hosting Captain's Night! RSVP here for a spot.
    16 total slots for 8v8 fun!

    This is an organized event where we pick 2 captains who alternate picking teams (dodgeball-style) from the remaining players. After the first game, teams switch sides (each team gets one round playing aliens, and one round playing marines). Then we switch maps and pick new captains/teams. We will play 2 maps, so 4 games total.

    Please plan on attending the entire time. If there are more than 16 participants, extras will spectate and rotate in as alternates (on a first-come, first-serve basis) should anyone leave or disconnect.

    The best place to RSVP is here on the forum calendar. If you are a VIP on our server, leave a comment with your RSVP on the forum that says "VIP". VIP members will ALWAYS get to play Captain's Night (as long as you RSVP first!)

    If you have any questions about the process, please message Some Guy on steam or PM me on the forums.
    RSVP sign-ups for this event are now closed.
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